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Best of Houzz Service Award
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Best Home organizers in Los Angeles award 2020


beautifully styled and clutter free home in Manhattan Beach

"Balances style with functionality"

N. Allen, Los Angeles

“Abbey’s flair for personalizing spaces is truly appreciated. Her ability to balance style with functionality, and the creative use of space in a tiny apartment, transformed the kitchen from a storage place for appliances to an attractive space that shows off my favorite things and is a pleasure to use. She gave me great habits that are easy to maintain and has miraculously eliminated the clutter!”

"Transformed my space from a dark man-cave into a light and bright showplace."

Stephen D., Seal Beach – July, 2020

“Abbey Claire has both an artist’s eye and a technician’s know-how when it comes to space planning and design. She came into my 2400 square foot beach house and immediately saw how my space could work better. Over two months, Abbey helped me transform my space from a dark man-cave into a light and bright showplace. She organized my already tidy house in a way that makes my life better every day. I can’t overstate the mental and emotional improvement that her esthetic and practical advice has brought to my life. I am a business owner with a background in computer system design, but like the cobbler with barefoot children, I never seem to have time to address the inefficiencies in my own home. The joy of finding the tool or hardware I need in moments on my newly arranged workbench. The time I save every day because I’m not wasting my very valuable energy searching for necessary items. The enjoyment I derive by having my treasures on display —and the knowledge that the junk I tucked away for some reason I cannot remember, no longer fills overstuffed drawers and closets. She helped me select new patio furniture for my roof, and the day before it arrived, she suggested putting it on the ground floor deck and moving the oversize furniture from the ground floor to the roof. This would never have occurred to me. It opened up the ground floor space and made it much more comfortable. The larger furniture looks great on the roof too! I am fortunate to be able to afford this kind of expertise, and the investment pays off every day! Thanks, AC!”

"Packing, moving and unpacking"

J.H., Pasadena.  November,  2019

“I needed help packing, moving and unpacking in a short period of time, but I also needed someone to help me figure out what I needed at the new house and to shop with me. Abbey was great. She helped me pack and unpack, but she was incredible at figuring out how to make things more comfortable at the new place, too. Abbey is very reliable, always on time and a very nice person. Her pricing is comparable to other organizers. She checked in on me at the six month mark, when people usually need more help. I give Abbey the highest rating.”

cardboard boxes on living room 3434533

"I inherited too much stuff!"

Ben S., Valley Village

“I came from a family where everything my mother and father owned fell into my lap. I had all this stuff and couldn’t sift through it properly. I moved to California and took all my stuff with me. I knew it would just get worse and I needed someone to help me get organized. Abbey gave me a free consultation. I walked her through the house—I have lots of closets and filing cabinets—which allows me to have more stuff! We ended up going through the apartment in phases. She suggested doing three hours at a time and let me decide if I want to do more. In the first session we tackled the bedroom and a big closet. She organized the clothes by those I wear frequently, those I don’t wear at all, and those I save for special occasions. She taught me how to fold the clothes properly and put things away in an organized fashion. She said “You’re the boss, but I’m here to give advice if you need it.” I hired her a second time for the living room and office. She busted out a label maker for the filing cabinet. I had copies of many of my family documents and she helped me consolidate it all. I didn’t know what I needed and what I didn’t need. We got rid of any receipt I didn’t need for a warranty or to remember where I bought something. These were concepts I hadn’t learned. Next we moved on to the kitchen. I paid her for three hours but we were done after two so she let me keep an hour in the bank. I kept it in the bank for a year and finally did another round. Some people need someone to take their stuff away because for whatever reason they can’t. Sometimes we’d put something in the take away pile and I would crack and say I still wanted it and she’d put it back. You have to swallow your pride if you want someone to help you get organized. If I got lazy she would make me keep going. She is also young and fun to be with. Now I have more room in the house. I’m glad I hired Abbey and will hire again.”

cabinets kitchen orgainzed display

"Organized my whole house"

Anne B., Long Beach

I give Abbey my highest recommendation. I hired her to organize my whole house, from the kitchen, closets, to bedrooms. In about 8 sessions we were able to get through it all. After each session Abbey leaves the house clean and put away. I would hire her again!

"Sorted out my home, office and life!"

Rebecca S., Esq., West Los Angeles –  January,  2020

“I have worked with Abbey for over 13 years in 6 homes and for every move (5 moves)! I also work with her monthly now! She is the FIRST person I call when I have project big or small involving organization of the home, office, and life! Abbey is a cherished team member for my life and I could not survive without her. I HIGHLY & humungously(!) recommend her for anything you need to sort out in your home, office, or life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

image 9 1
small space reworked and optimized for improved flow and feng shui

"Helped me downsize"

K. Lynch, Westwood

“I recently downsized from a larger house and Abbey has been helping me organize after the move. She is great-—very professional, responsive, stays on track, and is easy to talk to. Abbey really digs into the work, helping me in many ways so I can focus on making decisions. Her prices seem very fair, and she gives discounts for ongoing work.”

"Created space and storage for my new baby and in my laundry room"

Rohan Gupta, Santa Monica

“With a new baby on the way we hired Abbey to do a redesign of our Laundry Room and a Baby Closet build out. She brought vision to both projects. On the Laundry Room she quickly realized that our current shelving was dated and inefficient, which led us to putting a new system allowing us to virtually double our storage capacity.

The Baby closet was a bit more difficult as we had Ikea storage units inside the unit but they were too large for a baby. Instead of purchasing a new system she was able to modify our existing system for a much smaller person!

Great demeanor overall and a pleasure to work with!”

interior of children bedroom with wooden furniture and toys 3932930 scaled

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