“I really can’t speak more highly of Abbey. She offers an invaluable service and I consider her part of my ‘sanity team.’

I’m a record producer with a hectic schedule. Hiring an organizer was something I didn’t think I needed to do until I realized that the disorganization and piles in my home were causing stress and anxiety. The task of getting organized seemed too big, and I finally accepted that I needed help to bring order back to my house. Abbey sees even the biggest mess like a matrix: it makes sense to her, and she knows how to tackle it. She’s an expert.

The work we did together affected my mood in such a positive way. Stuff I’d had for 10-15 years and didn’t need was finally gone, and the things I did want to keep found perfect homes. My house finally made sense, and I had systems in place to keep it that way.

Recently I hired Abbey again to help me prepare to move. I have a huge record collection, a recording studio, tons of equipment, along with all of the usual stuff. I was overwhelmed with how to start and how to go about it. Once again it was Abbey to the rescue. Once I arrived at my new place, I hired her once again to help me get organized within the new house. I couldn’t have done either of these things without Abbey. Her customer service is amazing, and she’s such a pleasure to work with.

I always tell friends about Abbey. I ask them “Do you want to feel happy when are home?” I mean it. From chaos to order, she’s greatly improved my quality of life. Easily the best money I’ve spent in years.”

Eli Epstein | Hancock Park

“I recently downsized from a larger house and Abbey has been helping me organize after the move. She is great-—very professional, responsive, stays on track, and is easy to talk to. Abbey really digs into the work, helping me in many ways so I can focus on making decisions. Her prices seem very fair, and she gives discounts for ongoing work.”

K. Lynch | Westwood

“Abbey packed up my old kitchen perfectly… Then she came with me to my new home and unpacked and organized my new kitchen. I’m so glad she was there to help. Moving is daunting… Abbey makes it fun and very bearable. She’s also pretty incredible with putting together IKEA furniture!!!”

Veronica Puleo | Los Angeles

“Abbey is amazing!  She takes her time, has patience, and gets it done!  I have NO organizing skills what-so-ever, so having Abbey come to my home has helped me a lot.  I have since moved and still try to remember her teachings. Because of Abbey I actually have extra space in my home.”

Jamilah L. | Los Angeles

“My son’s room was so cluttered with years of saved papers and etc, that I could barely walk in without hyperventilating. Along came Abbey, and within a few hours, we  had waded through all the piles. Abbey helped me decide what were masterpieces and what was ok to throw away. We then put the balance of “keepers” in labeled stacked boxes and put them neatly in the garage. My son had a bigger room and I felt like a new person! I was then able to tackle some scary drawers in the rest of the house with Abbey. Abbey is calm and non-judgemental and helps to take the emotional angst out of throwing un-needed things away.  Sure you can do this stuff on your own, without a professional organizer, but will you? She makes the process QUICK and PAINLESS and dare I say- FUN? Plus, she shows you how to stay organized long after she walks out the door.”

Dene Feldman | Silver Lake

“Hiring Abbey Claire Professional Organizing improved the quality of my life. I’m a reluctant thrower-awayer, and I tend to get overwhelmed when the choice is to keep something or get rid of it. Abbey’s support — yes, support! — got me through a big move. She helped me make decisions quickly and with confidence. I couldn’t have done it without her. Now I have control over my stuff, instead of the other way around. What a feeling! Worth every penny and more!”

Jason P. | Los Angeles

“Abbey Claire did an excellent job helping me become more organized. She also helped me establish a plan and methods of how to maintain my newly organized living space. I can now move forward in many areas of my life because I have peace, serenity, and harmony in my living space and all thanks goes to Abbey Claire. Just amazing.”

Michelle K. | Los Angeles

“After years of holding onto clutter, I finally decided it was time to “let go.” I wanted a life free of the mental strain and physical burden of all that “stuff.” Discovering Abbey’s website on-line, her credentials and past experience struck me as a unique and ideal mix for an organizer. For me, there have been so many emotions tied to the decluttering process, but Abbey’s patience, sense of humour, and occasional well-timed pushes have made this seemingly-overwhelming process manageable and, surprisingly, fun. Her services have been an investment in a happier life!! Thank you, Abbey.”

Barbara M. | Sherman Oaks


“Abbey’s flair for personalizing spaces is truly appreciated. Her ability to balance style with functionality, and the creative use of space in a tiny apartment, transformed the kitchen from a storage place for appliances to an attractive space that shows off my favourite things and is a pleasure to use. She gave me great habits that are easy to maintain and has miraculously eliminated the clutter!”

N Allen | Los Angeles


“My husband and I have been working on and off with Abbey for several years now. Whenever we have clutter on our hands, she presents solutions that are both logical and expeditious, making otherwise daunting tasks less stressful. From organizing our office, to the closets and most recently, our bathroom, working with Abbey is always a pleasure.  We highly recommend her.”

Meredith Robinson and Jean Christophe Dupire | Los Angeles


“My daughter loves her “new” room. She’s actually spending time in it now! We can’t thank Abbey enough- we couldn’t have done it without her!”

Kimb and Maddie Osborne | Los Angeles


“Abbey quickly and efficiently established a simple, workable solution for our cluttered office. Now, when things come into the house I know exactly where to put them. Bills are getting paid on time, and I don’t have to walk around the whole house wondering where I put the stamps. It’s a wonderful thing.”

Tanya Ward Goodman | Los Angeles

“Abbey’s extraordinary organizing skills combined with her unbelievable sense of style and taste is truly a match made in heaven.”

Nancy P. | Los Angeles


“Timely, efficient, intuitive and fast; Abbey’s foreward-thinking ideas and logical execution have led to the best setup I’ve had. My closets and drawers look like they belong in a department store. She’s my first and only call for organizing.”

Rachel Robinson | Los Angeles